Levitating Plant Floating Planter Pot - Magnetic Levitation Floating Plant - Suspended Plant Pot and Floating Tree Decor with Beautiful Style

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A beautiful piece to decorate your home or office with a special and almost magic levitation effect that will catch all eyes, adding a relaxing presence to your space. The faux wood material will adapt to any style of space making it even more special. Your friends or family will enjoy the calm of this piece and will also be excited of how magnetic levitation technology works defying gravity and making them happy. When you choose this piece as a gift, you can be sure that people will love it. This item does not includes the plant, so you can choose your favorite plant, bonsai or succulent. Enjoy. 

  • RELAXING DECOR PIECE - you will love to use this piece to decor home, office, desk and living room. Your friends and colleagues will stare at this piece while floating in the air seeing a balance between nature and technology based in magnetic levitation that defy gravity, adding a relaxing and techy style. The pot is great for desk plants, bonsai or a succulent. 
  • AN AMAZING GIFT FOR POSITIVE PEOPLE— The well designed package make this unique piece an incredible gift that has the versatility to be used in several places. This levitating planter with magnetic pots is your best option. 
  • DEVICE EASY TO USE - Follow our easy instructions in English to set up your magnetic suspended plant pot, and quickly setup your levitating decor. 
  • MAGIC MAGNET TECHNOLOGY: you will feel a hypnotic and relaxing experience while the pot be floating as the magnet pushes up against an electromagnetic base. 
  • ENJOY OUR LONG-TERM GUARANTEE! - We believe in top quality so If you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase, we will offer you a full refund!